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Downtown Stuart Laundry
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CLEANING TIPS - Stain Removal

Blood stains:
Rinse fresh blood stains in cold running water then rub with hair shampoo. Repeat as needed. For dried stains, first rub off as much of the blood as you can. Then soak in warm water using an enzyme product followed by a wash. For stubborn stains, rewash using a chlorine-free bleach. 

Coffee and Tea Stains:
Presoak in a liquid detergent. Then wash using hot water safe for the fabric. 

Cosmetics Stains:
Dampen the stain then rub with liquid detergent. Rinse, then wash.

Smoke Smells:
This is very difficult to remove but... first wash normally except use amonia with your detrergent not bleach.  Use straight amonia in the hot pre-wash cycle (about 3/4 cup in a 20 pound washer), then use some more amonia (not bleach) along with your detergent in the normal wash cycle, adding fabric softener as normal.  If this does no the trick, use a cup of Febreze in prewash and some more witha little detergent in the normal was cycle.

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